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White Moonflower VINE - Night Blooming Morning Glory - bin324

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Item specifics
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Sunlight: Full Sun, Partial Shade
USDA Hardiness Zone (°F): 4-11
Season of Interest: Summer/Fall
Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

Morning Glory Moonflower!!!

As a vine, the Moonflower can climb to an approximate height of 16 feet. The vines produce the beautiful flowers come late summer. They don’t require much space in the garden, as the Moonflower plant grows upwards! You’ll love the unique heart-shaped leaves as much as the pure white blooms itself as it shoots towards the moon!

For best results to display this fast-growing vine, plant using a trellis suitable to support the plant’s growth. They love to grow on anything and everything they can get their “hands” on! If you find the growth a bit too overwhelming, pinch the Moonflowers at the top.

The Moonflower plant does best growing in full sun, during warmer months but will grow in partial as well. If possible, position the moon vine near sunny patios and avoid garages or the side of a house, which could block the sun’s rays for much of the day.

Plant in a well-drained soil that doesn’t contain too much clay. Keep soil appropriately moist but not too soggy. For added encouragement, add a layer of compost and water deeply once or twice a week, more if you’re experiencing a dry spell. It’s better to under-water rather than overwater, as it can affect the flower’s quality as they grow. The addition of fertilizer isn’t needed if the soil is fertile.

These plants can survive a light frost spell, but cannot bear severe to heavy frost. In colder zones, plant the moonflower vine in a large container to move indoors when the winter season arrives. Prune vines back and keep in a warm, sunny location.

Plant Care

The easy to care for Ipomoea alba vine grows with little to no interference as long as you remember to water it and give it plenty of sun. The moon vine needs three basic items to bring out the exquisite blooms:

The soil – fertile, well-draining soil with lots of compost
The sun – lots of it, full sun if possible
Proper watering – Thorough deep watering weekly
Some enthusiasts recommend keeping Moonflowers in a small pot to force them into flowering earlier. It’s all a matter of personal preference. The Moon Flower will thrive in large containers but does equally well planted in the ground.

Different Care For Different Regions
In southern zones keep the roots mulched
In northern zones dig vines up for storage or plant in containers to move inside for winter
The amount of sunlight is flexible, but remember the more sunlight plants receive the better quality of plant and more fragrant trumpet flower blooms.
Water new plants regularly, increasing as they mature.
For the best results, add in half-strength fertilizer rich in phosphorus like bone meal to encourage flower production.
Keep an eye on fertilizers rich in nitrogen, it could encourage more foliage than flower.
The Moonflower plant resists most plant diseases and insects. If at any time infestations occur, treat the pests immediately with a fungicide, and/or chemical insect pests control.
Plant Propagation
Plant Moonflower seeds indoors 4 to 6 weeks before the frost arrives. Soak seeds overnight in warm water or carefully nick the hard shell before planting to allow for easy emergence. If you wish to skip the transplanting, plant seeds outside directly after the last winter frost passes.

Keep the temperature in the 65 to 85 degrees F, range and expect germination anywhere from 4 to 7 days. Place seedling 6-inch apart to allow for good air flow, and water the soil thoroughly once.

The Moonflower vine makes a great addition to an outdoor space wheel flowers and fragrance can be enjoyed once the sun goes down.

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