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The red poppy, or Papaver rhoeas, is also commonly known as corn poppy, field poppy and Flanders poppy. It is a flowering plant that originates from Europe but also grows wild throughout the U.S. The red poppy is a popular garden plant due to its bright red flowers that it produces in midsummer. It grows well in a wide range of climates; red poppies also make suitable houseplants.

Select a planting site in full sun to partial shade. Red poppy is hardy outside as a perennial to U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zone 5, which means it can tolerate temperatures down to minus 20 F.

Fill a planting pot or flower bed with loose soil. Red poppies can tolerate a range of soil types, so long as it is not heavy clay. Add powdered limestone if necessary to raise the soil pH above 7.0.

Sow red poppy seeds thinly over the planting site without covering the seeds with soil. Plant the seeds outside in the spring after the last frost or in the fall after the first frost. A fall planting produces red poppies that bloom very early in the spring.

Propagate red poppies by division in the spring. Remove the mature plant from the soil without damaging the roots. Cut the plant into sections with a sharp, clean knife, ensuring that the roots in each section have an equal number of growth buds. Plant the red poppy divisions in other locations

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