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Lupine Dwarf Pixie Delight Seeds bin340

Lupine Dwarf Pixie Delight Seeds
This compact, delicate and unique variety of bedding wildflower is very popular among lupine enthusiasts.

Pixie or Hartwegii Lupine are 16" versions of their better known, tall cousins. Blooming in an array of shades of pale violet and pink to deep, rich blues and purples, Dwarf Pixie Mix Lupine is a dazzling addition to any garden or meadow. Pixie Delight Lupine is known to attract an array of beneficial insects to the garden, such as bumblebees, honeybees & butterflies as well. Their mixture of pastel colored flowers will bloom all through the summer months, until the Autumn frost arrives.

Cover seed, as darkness aids in germination. Thin to one plant per cell or container when the first true leaves appear. Harden off and transplant outside. Keep growing container at 65-75°F, with germination taking 7-14 days. The plants will grow to a mature height of roughly 12 to 18 inches tall & can be spaced about 12 to 18 inches apart from one another.

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