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Blanket Flower - Choose packet size - Aristata - #82

Blanket Flower Seeds,
Gaillardia aristata
Gaillardia aristata is a North American species of flowering plants in the sunflower family known by the common names common blanketflower and common gaillardia.

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This perennial wildflower is widespread across much of North America, from Yukon east to Québec and south as far as California, Arizona, Illinois, and Connecticut, although it may be naturalized rather than native in parts of that range. It is also naturalized in scattered locations in Europe, Australia, and South America. Gaillardia aristata grows in many habitats. It is a perennial herb reaching maximum heights of anywhere between 8–28". It has lance-shaped leaves near the base and several erect, naked stems holding the flowers.

Indoors: No pre-treatment necessary other than cold, dry storage. Start at least 4 weeks before outdoor night temperatures are reliably in the 50 F range. Plant seed 1/8 inch deep in starter pots, as Blanket Flower does not transplant well. Keep moist but not soggy and very warm 70-80 F. When seedlings are 2" tall, transplant into the garden spaced 1 ft. apart.

Outdoors: Sow seed1/8 inch deep outdoors in either late fall or early spring. Most wildflowers will not germinate outdoors in summer.

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