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Sulphur Cosmos Mix Seeds - Choose Quantity - Orange Yellow Flowers - C238

Sulphur Cosmos Mix Seeds
Because of their Mexican heritage, these bright annuals meet high heat and drought conditions with native beauty and vigor. Perfect for deep south wildflower gardens!

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Super easy to grow in the warmer climates of the U.S. Spanish conquistadors searching for gold discovered these flowers on their journeys through Mexico. Mission gardens often included these flowers, which priests gave the name "cosmos," the Greek word for a harmonious whole, because of their neatly spaced petals. Cosmos flowers made their way to England with Spanish ambassadors in the late 18th century, and to the United States in the following century. Whoever named this stunning cosmos cultivar got it just right! If you’re looking for a cosmos variety that is both beautiful and unconventional, “Bright Lights” cosmos mix is perfect.

Sow your Cosmos seeds in the full sun to partial shade. As cosmos flowers are very adaptable, they can thrive in average to poor soil quality, and they are tolerant to dry conditions. Do not fertilize. Scatter cosmos seeds outdoors after there is no longer a danger for frost. Seeds can be barely covered, or planted at a depth of ¼ inch since they do not need light to germinate. Germination will usually occur in 5 days, but it can take up to 2 weeks. Do not plant any annual wildflower in the middle of summer...they will not germinate.

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