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Golden Acre Cabbage Seeds - B161

Golden Acre is an excellent extra early variety ball head cabbage. || With small to medium-sized green, round solid heads on compact plants with few outer leaves. Ideal for confined areas, it can be grown at 30cm spacings and give excellent small heads of first rate quality and flavor.
The heads are tightly folded, solid, 12 to 18cm (5 to 7 in) in diameter, round, grey-green in color and weigh three to five pounds. Matures in 64 days. It is not a long standing variety but is Yellows resistant
Germination: Start early types 4-6 weeks before the last expected frost date, or as soon as ground can be worked. Sow seeds indoors, 1/4 inch deep and 2 inches apart, around mid-January or February in the South and in March in the North.
Place in a sunny spot or under lights with temperatures between 60° and 70°F, and keep the soil uniformly moist. Zellajake Farm and Garden: "Seeds for all your planting needs” since 2013

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