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Foxglove Mixed Colors Seeds by Zellajake Many Sizes Hummingbird Butterfly #130

Foxglove Mixed Colors Seeds

This Foxglove Mix produces pastel, bi-colored blooms of pink, purple and white with showy, spotted throats.

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Deer resistant and able to handle part-shade, foxglove make great edging plants along woodland areas where they may naturalize. Best known as a popular bouquet flower and for its ability to attract hummingbirds. Plants will rarely produce flowers the first year, and will instead produce large rosettes. Plant each year to have blooms every year.

Foxglove seeds need light to germinate. The best way to plant foxglove seeds is by surface sowing them, which means simply scattering the seeds on top of the soil. Aim for a spacing of about 1 inch between seeds. You can thin them once they emerge to a spacing of 12 to 24 inches between plants to prevent overcrowding.

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