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Zinnia Pumila Mix Seeds - Cut & Come Again Pink Red White Yellow C109

Zinnia Pumila Mix Seeds. Also known as cut & come again.
Keep cutting bouquets and more flowers bloom! 
The best Zinnia variety for cut flowers, Pumila Mix, also known as Cut and Come Again, will brighten your garden and your home with brilliant and lively blooms throughout summer and fall! Fantastic for crafts, floral arrangements and the garden, Zinnias are super easy grow annuals, preferring warm weather and full sun! If you live in the deep south, this mix is for you! Grows very well in Florida.
Spanish botanists Mocino and Sesse discovered the species growing in the wilds of southern Mexico in 1789. The common name "zinnia" honors German botanist and professor Johann Gottfried Zinn, who was among the first to grow this species after it was discovered. Zinnias signify thoughts of an absent friend in the Victorian language of flowers.
Direct sow in spring; this seed germinates best in warm soil. Plant just below the surface and keep the soil lightly moist until germination, which usually occurs within 7-10 days. It's that easy. Do not transplant.



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