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Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover binCS24

Yellow Sweet Clover is an extremely versatile, cool-season legume. Historically it is one of the most utilized green manure crops in the Midwest. 



Carry a biennial yellow sweet clover because of its superior winter hardiness and versatility. Sweet clover has the potential to produce up to 100 lb/A of N during the first season and 200 lb/A N over its lifespan. With sweet clovers extensive rooting system potentially penetrating down 5' into the soil profile and the ability to render P, K and other nutrients available, this makes it an excellent choice for rejuvenating poor and thin soils. This species provides valuable benefits to a wide array of wildlife species from birds to large mammals. Pollinators swarm to sweet clover during its second growing season to collect pollen from its extensive flowering period which occurs May thru August.
Attracts deer and turkey!
Cover crop.
Nitrogen fixing.
P and K rendering.


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