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White Yarrow Seeds bin136

White Yarrow Seeds, Achillea millefolium

 Early in the year the tender feathery leaves of Yarrow appear low on the ground, by the wayside, in meadows, pastures and waste grounds- just about anywhere, in fact. As the year progresses the shoot appear and the soft leaves become tougher, almost prickly. In June the first flower heads develop; greyish white to pink umbels that seem to indicate a relationship to the carrot family. On close examination of their individual little flowers however, one realizes that one has been conned and that yarrow is in fact a member of the daisy family.

Light aids germination, surface sow or barely cover with fine grit. Keep Achillea seeds moist until germination. Or, after frost danger has passed, directly sow Yarrow flower seeds outdoors in prepared soil. Press seed into the soil and space 30 inches apart.