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White Habanero Peruvian Pepper Seeds bin71

This off white/cream colored little beauty is a deliciously hot cooking pepper for the bold. 
At about 300K SHU average, this pepper packs the same kind of heat that it's cousins do, rivalling the heat of orange, red, chocolate and Scotch bonnet habs.
White habaneros grow more slowly than other habaneros, and can be a bit more temperamental. The first time you grow them, grow several potted plants, and place them in different areas in your lawn and/or garden. Depending on your area, these peppers appreciate different microclimates. Ideally, you should water potted pepper plants at the first sign of drooping leaves, but not much more frequently than that. This variety responds negatively to over watering. To germinate, sow directly into a garden soil at about 1/4" deep, and keep the seeds moist during the germination process. Keep the germinating seeds as close to 78-82 degrees F as possible. These can take up to a month to germinate; however, some should start to  germinate at about 12-16 days.
Although some say that these peppers reach a size of 2"X1", in our experience, the average size is just over 1" and about 1/2" thick. Don't let the small size fool you, these are painful little chilis. 

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