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Verbena Ideal Florist Mix Seeds - B214

Verbena Ideal Florist Mix Seeds
This beautiful, spreading Verbena comes in a mixture of burgundy, peach, pink, purple, red, and white. It is suitable for hanging baskets and containers, and it makes a colorful ground-cover for beds and borders.
Tolerates heat well. Whorls of delicate five petaled flowers ranging from Burgundy to cherry and apple blossom with white throats. This mix will thrive in heat and drought and with a semi trailing habit, plants are perfectly suited for growing in containers, hanging baskets or rock gardens.
Germination: Utilize well-draining and rich organic soil. Fill a standard seed tray with the potting soil.  Sprinkle verbena seeds onto the soil surface, and do not cover the seed with soil. Place the seed tray somewhere warm and sunny that maintains an average temperature of 65 to 70. Mist the surface of your seed tray with a spray bottle filled with water, once or twice a day or as necessary to keep the soil consistently moist. Continue this for the entire verbena germination period, which is approximately three to four weeks.