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Sweet Pea Mammoth Mix Seeds bin203

Sweet Pea Mammoth Mix Seeds, Lathyrus odoratus

Extra early, extra large blooms are the feature of this award winning 6-10ft high sweet pea, “Mammoth Mix” is an excellent choice for early spring colour and the best strain for producing early cut flowers. 

The plants are early to flower, heat tolerant and produce well into summer. 

The vigorous plants have long, strong stems which bear plenty of large fragrant blossoms. The Mammoth Mix contains a selection of stunning shades of crimson, lavender, salmon, deep rose, navy blue, rose pink, and salmon pink, these climbers will be perfect for that first sweet pea bouquet.

The "Mammoth Series" belongs to a type of sweet pea called an 'Early Multiflora Gigantea'. These varieties of sweet pea were developed before the Spencer’s variety and are popular with commercial cut flower growers, as they produce very large and good-quality flowers borne on long stems. The most popular series is the Mammoth Series, which is marked by the longest stems, and a very large flower. This series is also known for great uniformity in the flowering time across different floral colours.

If you have never seen this kind of sweet pea on long stems before, and don’t quite understand what all the fuss is all about…they are marvellous … guaranteed to make you fall completely in love with them.

Planting depth 1/2". Soak seeds for several hours or overnight in warm water before planting. Most of the seeds will soften and swell, but if a few remain hard make a slight nick in the seed coat. In climates with mild winters, these prepared seeds can be sown in the fall to bring the earliest spring blooms. Otherwise, they should be planted in spring as soon as the ground can be worked; light frosts will not be harmful, though the seeds require at least 55 degrees F to germinate. Plant the seeds just under the surface and keep the soil lightly moist until germination. Seeds started indoors should be prepared in the same way, but planted in groups of three in individual peat pots and given plenty of sunlight.

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