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Sweet & Hot Pepper Pack 30 Seeds Each: Bell, Jalapeno, Serrano bins61,72,75

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30 seed packet California Wonder Bell
30 seed packet Jalapeno
30 seed packet Serrano                  
Start the seeds indoors at least 40 days before you wish to plant the peppers outdoors. Sow them under a light dusting to 1/4" soil in peat pots. A heat mat set to 80-85 degrees will improve germination success. Transplant seedlings outdoors after all danger of frost has passed and when soil temperatures warm to 60 F. (16 C.). Place the plants in well-drained soil where the plants receive at least eight hours of sunlight per day.

Don't overwater pepper plants, only water when leaves first start to droop.
Germinating on the top of your refrigerator can work in place of a heat mat.
Once established, peppers can handle very fertile, well draining soil.