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Speckled Swan Gourd Seeds C113

Speckled Swan Gourd Seeds
Pretty white blossoms on vigorous vines produce beautiful gourds.
Deep green skin and creamy speckles. Large bases taper gracefully to slender swan-like necks and mature at 6-12 pounds. This gourd also goes under the name, "Goose Neck". Makes an attractive birdhouse, and an excellent craft gourd.
Gourds are slow to germinate, taking anywhere from one to six weeks. The average number of seeds to germinate is about 60 to 80%.  Plant seeds directly into the ground or they may also be started in small pots and transplanted to the ground , after any danger of frost and when the plant has 4 leaves. Sow seeds 1-2 inches deep in groups of 4 seeds, spacing in groups 5 feet apart in rows spaced 8 feet apart. Thin seedlings to 2 or 3 in each group when leaves develop. Gourds grow well on trellises or supports, keeping the fruits off the ground. Gourds are best grown from seed planted directly in the garden.