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Southern Fall / Winter Garden Seed Collection Vault

A complete list of cool season varieties that will grow in fall and/or winter in cold hardiness zones 8b and up. Complete Selection of Cool Season Seeds!
30,000 plus seeds, enough to plant an acre for a short season grower or extra-long season southern farmer. A southern farmer wishing to get two crops of vegetables in one growing season will find crop rotation is nearly seamless with this selection being utilized for the first planting. I picked many of these seeds due to their popularity; however, I have also chosen some varieties that aren't necessarily popular, but cultivars that I recommend from personal experience.
Bin 45 Lettuce Black Seeded Simpson 2100
Bin 200 Lettuce Red Deer Tongue 2000
Bin 144 Lettuce Romaine Paris Island.Cos 4000
Bin 191 Lettuce Ruby Leaf 4000 
Bin 145 Lettuce Romaine Freckles 2000
Bin 163 Cabbage Brunswick 2000
Bin 165 Cabbage Early Market Copenhagen 2000
Bin 55 Cabbage Chinese Canton Pak Choi/ Bok Choi 900
Bin 114 Pak Choi Michihili Pak Choi/ Bok Choi 1200
Bin 54 Onion Walla Walla 200
Bin 52 Onion Red Grano 400
Bin 175 Onion Sweet Spanish Yellow 600
Bin 53 Onion Texas Early Grano 500
Bin 176 Onion Evergreen Wh. Bunching 800
Bin 181 Onion, Leek American Flag 200
                Bean Blue Lake Bush 300
                Bean Fava 100
                Pea Lincoln Shell 200
Bin 99 Turnip Purple Top White 200
Bin 127 Turnip White Egg 200
Bin 44 Kohlrabi Purple Vienna 450
Bin 43 Kale Siberian Dwarf 750
Bin 22 Carrot Atomic Red 500
Bin 168 Carrot Cosmic Purple 600
Bin 25 Cauliflower Snowball X Improved 800
Bin 26 Celery Utah 52/70....600
Bin 131 Brussel Sprout Long Island Improved 800
Bin 18 Brussel Sprout Catskill 800
Bin 154 Broccoli De Cicco 1000
General Seed Germination Wisdom 
As a common gardening rule, do not plant seeds any seed deeper than twice their diameter. Too many websites quote the standard 1/4" deep planting depth, but a more precise approach can yield very different germination results. This general knowledge will enable you to plant seeds without needing to look up germination methods for every variety of seed in stock.