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Siberian Wallflower Seeds bin297

Siberian Wallflower Seeds
This wildflower's name can be a bit misleading, and refers more to the cold hardiness and early flowering than to origin.

Vibrant yellow-orange, phlox-like flower clusters are very fragrant and colorful. The 18” perennial plants bloom early in the season; adds a great splash of color to your meadow. The name tells you this is a wildflower from cold climates, and it is naturally a biennial. However, in warmer places, it grows as a perennial, returning year after year. 
The plants are very easy to grow; simply scatter the seed in spring or fall on loosened soil, and compress into the dirt; do not cover, keep moist until germination. Plants will emerge in 15-30 days at 70-75 degrees. Slow growing in the first season, but the second season this plant will make up for lost time and will grow at a feverish pace. Absolutely beautiful and fragrant. These will grow nearly anywhere in the U.S. with attention paid to timing.

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