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Scarlett O'hara Morning Glory Seeds bin122

Scarlett O'hara Morning Glory Seeds

This eye-catching annual climber can easily reach lengths exceeding 14ft. Adorned with stunning deep red flowers. A brilliant variety of an old time favorite! The name can be a bit misleading, as the flowers are a bit more pink than red.

 In milder climates, seed may be sown outdoors, after soaking, when day soil temp. reaches 65-70°F/18-2l°C, 1/4" deep. Try to sow the seed where you plant to grow the plants as morning glories are difficult to transplant. Thin or transplant when plants are 3 in/8 cm tall, to 6 in/15 cm apart, and support with stakes or trellis. Thrives in regular soil, blooms all summer, in semi shade or direct sun.