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Scarlet Flax Flower Seeds bin210

Scarlet Flax Seeds

If you love red flowers, you will love Scarlet Flax!

What an outstanding profusion of color grown from Scarlet Flax seeds! Scarlet Flax wild flower is a hardy annual, native to northern Africa and Southern Europe, and it has naturalized throughout the United States. Once established this variety can tolerate immense heat and extremely dry conditions though it will need watering at the height of summer. Seedlings need moderate watering to get started, although spring rainfalls are usually sufficient. Scarlet Flax flowers are glossy, deep scarlet red, and they bloom in profusion and are best admired if planted densely. Linum Rubrum Scarlet Flax prefers full sun in well-drained soils. It often re-seeds and will be back the next spring!

Flax wildflower seeds glisten because of their high oil content, flax being the source of linseed oil with which linoleum is manufactured. L. usitatissum is the species grown commercially for linseed oil, but it can also be obtained from L. grandiflorum and other flaxes.


Sow Scarlet Flax seeds 1/16" deep directly outdoors in prepared soil in the spring when temperatures are warming. Lightly rake soil over the top of the Linum seeds. Keep Scarlet Flax wildflower seed moist until germination.