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Russian Hermanns and Greek Broadleaf Tortoise Forage Seed Blend bin25

All broadleaf tortoise forage seed blend for:
  • Testudo
  • Russian
  • Greek
  • Desert
  • Hermanns
This DIY tortoise plot seed blend is packed with all the weeds and greens your tortoise needs and loves, with no grasses. Among other weeds and broadleaf greens, the mix contains: Clover mix, chia, chicory, Italian dandelion, plantain (plantago major), kale, leaf lettuce mix, and turnip greens!


To germinate, prepare an area by removing unwanted vegetation and cultivating the top 2" of soil. Make sure seeds are covered with soil, but do not bury them more than 1/4". If utilizing a pot, use organic garden soil. Water regularly until seeds germinate. Once the seeds germinate, watch for limp leaves to be your barometer for watering. This is a relatively low maintenance mix.