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Rocket Larkspur Colorful Mix Seeds bin250

Rocket Larkspur Mix Seeds 

This mix comes in many varieties of colors, provides an excellent cut flower, and is native to Europe. 

The leaves and seeds of this flower are poisonous, so caution must be taken when planting around children or pets. Rocket Larkspur can be either spring or fall planted. 

During spring, if you put Rocket Larkspur seed in the refrigerator for two weeks prior to planting you may yield better results. A burst of cold typically initiates germination. Blooms can be expected anytime between spring and fall. Rocket Larkspur can be started indoors, but must be transplanted when the plants are small.

Average planting success with this species: 80%
Height: 3-4 feet
Germination: 15-30 days
Optimum soil temperature for germination: 50F-60F
Sowing depth: 1/8"
Blooming period: April-September
Seeding rate: 10 lbs. per acre
1 oz Covers: 272 sq. ft.
Suggested use: Mixtures, roadsides, waste areas, floral gardens.