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Red Deer Tongue Leaf Lettuce Seeds - Microgreens or Garden bin200C

Red Deer Tongue Lettuce Seeds
Deer's Tongue lettuce is cultivated year round with a peak season in early spring.
Deer's Tongue lettuce, AKA Matchless lettuce, is an heirloom variety known for its hardiness, cold and heat tolerance and its resistance to bolt in summer months. Deer's Tongue lettuce should not be confused with Amish Deer's Tongue lettuce, which was first cultivated a century later than Deer's Tongue. 
Deer's Tongue lettuce grows in a tight formation with a connected base, its narrow pointed triangular leaves growing outward and upward wrapping themselves around each other to form a very distinct rosette of lettuce. Though the outer leaves are tender with a mild flavor, the white inner ribs are less palatable, though crunchy, often slightly bitter. Young Deer's Tongue lettuce is milder than its mature counterpart.
 Garden Planting: Early spring plantings should be made as hardened transplants from seed started one month before setting outdoors. Later plantings can be direct-seeded. Sow seed 1/4" deep and thin to 10-16" apart depending on the variety. Loose-leaf varieties may be planted more closely but good air circulation should be maintained around the plants. Soil should be cool and moist during the germination period. Seeds will germinate at temperatures as low as 45 degrees.