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Radish French Breakfast Seeds - Microgreens Sprouting and Garden 78C

The “French Breakfast” radish (Raphanus sativus)
features a crisp texture and mild spicy flavor, making it suitable for fresh use in salads, sandwiches or as a snack.              
This quick-growing spring radish requires minimal garden space and can fill in the gaps between larger, slower-growing vegetable varieties. Radishes are usually planted every two weeks during the growing season to ensure an ongoing crop of the fresh vegetable.

Many different radish varieties carry the name “French Breakfast.” These radishes all feature white tips and red tops. Most grow small, almost cylindrical roots that are no more than 2 inches long, although some types of “French Breakfast” may feature a more rounded shape. Like most radishes, “French Breakfast” grows during cool, frost-free weather and is usually considered a spring radish. It can also grow well during fall and winter in frost-free climates. Most varieties take between 20 and 25 days from seed to maturity.
“French Breakfast” radish varieties require the same basic planting procedures as other radish types. They grow well in moist, well-drained soil in beds that receive about six hours of sunlight daily. Sow the small seeds in rows, spacing them about 4 inches apart in rows 8 to 12 inches apart. The seeds are planted 1/4-inch deep and typically sprout within seven days if the soil remains moist.