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Radiant Red Wildflower Mix binST9

Unique red themed wildflower mix, with some accents of gold and pink!
Wildflower mixes should be planted in spring, or late fall for the following season. Do not plant in summer, seeds will not germinate.
Suggested planting rate: 120 seeds per square foot.

Preparation and Germination:


 Prepare area to be planted by clearing of weeds. Work the soil to a depth of 1-2". Spread seeds evenly. Rake the seeds in or cover to a depth of 1/8"-1/4" . Keep area moist for 2-4 weeks, once established, water as needed. Do not fertilize wildflower seed mixes.

 TIP!    It is common for gardeners  combine with clean, dry sand at a ratio of 3:1 (sand to seed) and scatter by hand or mechanical spreader. 


The mix includes:

Common Name

Botanical Name

Annual / Perennial

French Marigold

Tagetes patula


Red Poppy (Mixed Shirley)

Papaver rhoeas


Red Corn Poppy

Papaver rhoeas


California Poppy "Mikado"

Eschscholzia californica

Perennial / Annual

Annual Phlox "Drummond"

Phlox drummondii


Love Lies Bleeding

Amaranthus caudatus


Maltese Cross

Lychnis chalcedonica


Scarlet Flax

Linum grandflorum rubrum



Asclepias curassavica