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Purple Top White Globe Turnip Seeds - Choose Packet Size - 99C11

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Tested 12/2016, germination 86%
Purple Top White Globe (55 Days)
Brassica rapa

HEIRLOOM. A timeless variety. Versatile garden vegetable. Long-time favorite still "tops" with turnip lovers who prize it's deliciously sweet and tender white roots. The turnips are often 4" to 6" across, and as the name states, are purple on top and white below. Round, crisp, creamy-white roots have a mild, sweet flavor. Young leaves make the classic cooked "southern greens". Tops can be eaten as greens and roots are excellent for storing, canning or freezing. Excellent vitamin content. Large, sweet, fine-grained root crop. Stores well. EASY TO GROW!

12,500 seeds per ounce.
200,000 seeds per lb.
Seed Rate: 5-10 lbs. per acre
Seed Depth: 1/8 - 1/4 inch
Planting Date: Fall, Winter, Spring
pH: 5.5-6.5
Fertilizer: 8-8-8 250 lbs. per acre
Days To Germinate: 7-14
Days To Maturity: 55 Days
Spacing, Row: 18 inches
Spacing, Plant: 4-6 inches
Light: Sunny Location

SOWING: Plant seeds outdoors three weeks before the last frost in the spring (Or early spring as soon as the ground can be worked). Seed second crop in mid to late summer for fall harvest. Cover seeds with 1/4 inch fine soil. Space rows 18 inches apart.

THINNING: When young seedlings are 2 to 4 inches tall, thin to 4 to 6 inches apart.

HARVESTING: Harvest greens when they are large enough to pick, leaving just a few of the tops so the roots will live. Loosen the soil at the base of the leaves with a spading fork before harvesting roots. Small roots are the most tender, so pull when they are 1"-3" in diameter. To store the roots, twist off the tops, leaving 1/2 -inch of stem. Place undamaged roots in a cool, dark place, such as a basement or root cellar. Don’t wash off soil that clings to roots; it helps protect roots in storage. They will keep for several months. In mild areas, you can overwinter roots in the ground by covering them with a thick mulch.

SUGGESTIONS: Avoid using fresh manure in soil where you plant turnips. Plants produce best in light, well-drained soil. Eat thinned greens raw or stewed. For best flavor and texture grow during the cooler parts of the growing season and begin harvesting roots when about three inches in diameter. Keep the soil evenly moist to promote fast growth and the best flavor.

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