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Prairie Sage Seeds FR5

Prairie Sage Seeds - Artemisia ludoviciana for planting an aromatic, silver-white plant. It is not the culinary herb, sage, that is used in cooking :)
Prairie sage has been used extensively by Native Americans for centuries. Its powers and properties were believed to drive away sore throats, mosquitos, evil spirits, morbid odors and bad luck, among other things. In more modern times, people have been known to let smolder tightly bound bundles at drum circle campfires and beach bon-fires. It is a fairly aggressive plant in a garden setting, and requires confinement or competition to prevent a thick stand, but for many, a thick stand may be desired.
Very tiny seeds. 254,000/oz
Seeds need to be kept refrigerated! Seeds are dry cold stratified upon arrival. Moist cold stratification (or fall planting) greatly enhances germination success. Place in a baggie, in moist, but not water saturated vermiculite, put in fridge for 2 months prior to planting.