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Pink Banana Winter Squash Seeds binM5

Giant Pink Banana Squash seeds

Banana squash is a member of the winter squash family and of the species Cucurbita maxima, the most diverse domesticated and cultivated species of squash in the world. 

As Banana squash is a true winter squash variety, it can be used in place of other orange-flesh colored winter squash varieties such as butternut and kabocha. Banana squash is in its perfect culinary element when roasted and added to soups and stews. It can be thinly shaved and added to fresh salad greens or used as a topping for pizzas. Banana squash favors the pairing of rich and bold partners such as butter, creme fraiche, aged sheep's cheeses, cream, pork belly, lamb and truffles. The best herb and spice pairings include thyme, bay, sage, rosemary, cumin, curry, ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. Proper storage conditions can extend the post-vine life of Banana Squash, as well as winter squash in general, for up to six months. The best way to lengthen the post-harvest is to store them in a cool (50 to 60 Degrees Fahrenheit) unlit area with relative humidity. 

Germination: Sow the seed in planting soil at a depth of ¾ to 1 inch deep and water them in well. Germination will occur between 9-14 days. Once the banana squash plants have two or three sets of leaves, they can be transplanted 9-12 inches apart.


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