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Phlox Annual Mix Seeds B209

Annual Phlox Mix Seeds

Phlox Drummondii is often found growing along roadsides in the south eastern portion of the United States.


Easy-to-grow from Phlox seeds, this Phlox Drummondii mix is colorful and vibrant not demanding too much attention or care. Commonly referred to as annual Phlox or Drummond's Phlox, this low-growing annual features flowers with 5-petals that are flat and lightly scented. Grow annual Phlox if you like to attract butterflies to your garden! Drummond's Phlox has a wide variety of colors: red, violet, white, pink, and yellow.

How To Grow Phlox From Seed: Sow Phlox flower seeds directly outdoors into prepared soil in the late fall or spring. After distributing the flower seed evenly, rake into loosened topsoil to ensure good seed contact with the soil. For earlier blooms, sow the Drummond Phlox seed indoors 4 - 6 weeks before setting out. As with all annual flowers, it is essential that annual Phlox Drummondii is allowed to re-seed for an abundant display the following year. Annual Phlox care includes trimming the plant back after the first flush of blooms. A trim encourages a second bloom of Phlox flowers.