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Orange Habanero Pepper Seeds bin68

Orange Habanero Pepper Seeds
Habanero peppers (Capsicum chinense) are very hot peppers and this variety registers a SHU of 250,000+ on the Scoville heat scale. The Habanero is roughly 80 times hotter than the Jalapeno, which averges 3000 scoviles. This will definitely give you the ability to spice up your favorite Mexican dish, or make great tasting habanero sauce. We have been growing and selling these seeds for 5 years, and this is our favorite hot pepper due to it's pungeant and fruity flavor. Colors will change from green to orange as this cultivar matures. The peppers do not turn red when ripe.
Germination takes 12-30 days. Plant 1/4" deep in a germination mix. Utilizing a heat mat set to 80-85 degrees.