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Oat Seeds - Avena Sativa Grass Plot Fodder Turf binC22

This is a fantastic cover crop, and scientifically proven to be one of the easiest and best foods for healthy cattle weight gain!
Oats are an annual cover crop for medium wet to dry soils. Use for spring or summer seedings. Do not use Oats with fall or dormant seedings; seeds and seedlings do not overwinter 
Seed coverage: Initial seeding 50 lb per acre. 25 seeds per square foot for small plots under 1/4 acre. 50 seeds per square foot for pots and raised beds.
A tall annual cereal, widely grown as a fodder in temperate and sub-tropical countries, also does well in the high-altitude tropics. Oats are only known as a cultigen, of uncertain origin, but were known to Lake Dwellers of Europe. It is now cultivated throughout the temperate zones of the Old and New Worlds as a summer crop and in the sub-tropics as a cool-season crop (mainly as forage); they are also a good forage in the high altitude tropics. Oats are believed to be derived chiefly from two species, wild oat (A. fatua L.) and wild red oat (A. sterilis L.).

The green plant is a good forage and makes good hay and silage. The straw is a useful roughage. The grain is an important livestock feed and the unhulled, crushed fruit is the usual form in which it is fed to ruminants and horses. Oat forage, hay, straw and grain are renowned horse fodder.

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