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Northeast Wildflower Mix Seeds binST04

Northeast Wildflower Mix
Perfect for Ohio, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Northeast of these states!Pure seed, no filler.This 60% annual and 40% perennial mix is 100% quality seeds. As can be seen from the varieties included, this is a list of very desirable and beautiful wildflowers. Nothing but seed, with no fillers.
 Plant in spring or fall. A fall planting will result in spring flowers, and will increase perennial germination. With 25 popular species in total, this is a fantastic mix for the novice or the experienced gardener! These varieties thrive best in full sun, but will tolerate some shade.Seed coverage:
350 seeds a square foot.
Preparation and Germination:Prepare area to be planted by clearing, pulling weeds. Work the soil to a depth of 1-2". Spread seeds evenly. Rake the seeds in or cover to a depth of 1/8"-1/4" . Keep area moist for 2 weeks, once established, water as needed. Do not fertilize wildflower seed mixes.Wildflower mixes should be planted in spring, or late fall for the following season.Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, and Northeast of these states!

Baby\'s Breath


Shasta Daisy

Dames Rocket


Sweet Williams



Red Corn Poppy
(Legion Poppy)

Lance Leaf

Mixed Red Poppy
(Shirley Poppy)

Wild Cosmos

California Poppy

Blanket Flower

Black Eyed Susan

Wild Perennial

Purple Coneflower

Russel Lupine
Plains Coreopsis

Siberian Wallflower

Blue Flax

Scarlet Flax

Drummond Phlox


Gloriosa Daisy



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