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Mibuna Chinese Mustard Seeds bin293

Early Mibuna, the 1500 year old heirloom Asian cabbage, for making traditional kimchi, soups and salads!

Brassica rapa Japonica group                                                                                                                     

Greens in a hurry! 3-4 weeks!

This traditional Japanese green vegetable, dento yasai, is cultivated in Mibu, Kyoto prefecture. An early open pollinated variety, this vigorous grower produces a dense cluster of long, narrow, rounded, dark green leaves. The delicious leaves have a mild mustard flavor. Cut for baby leaves as early as 21 days. This variety is cold tolerant. It is very similar to mizuna green.

  • Cool season annual
  • Maturity: Approx. 21-40 days
  • Planting season: Late summer/early fall
  • Planting depth 1/4"
  • Spacing 5"