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Mexican Torch Sunflower Seeds - Tithonia rotundifolia C347

Mexican Sunflower "Torch" seeds
AAS award winner! This relatively drought tolerant plant produces brilliant orange flowers with hues of red that attract butterflies, hummingbirds and pollinators to your garden.
An open pollinated annual that readily reseeds itself, the Mexican sunflower is a spectacular member of the aster family with striking orange blooms on velvety green stems. Blooms resemble asters, daisies and zinnias. In cold hardiness zones 7 and below, seeds should be started indoors about 1 month before last expected frost. Heights can vary greatly, ranging from 3 ft to 7 ft depending on the growing environment, trimming, fertilization and time of year planted. The more flowers that you cut and/or dead-head, the bushier this heavy producer gets, so don't be afraid to cut bouquets for blooms that last through summer and into fall.
Germination: In cold hardiness zones 7 and colder, start seeds indoors 1 month before last expected frost, in warmer zones, plant seeds 1/4" deep and keep soild moist until germination. Germination occurs in 7-14 days. Once seedlings are 3" tall, thin to 3-4 ft apart.
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