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Melon Florida Giant Seeds C4

Florida Giant Melon Seeds
Melville Dillon began growing this watermelon in the 1940’s, naming it for his native Florida.
Florida Giant has been known to reach a weight of 80-90 pounds, and is one of the most popular giant watermelons.

Giant Watermelon Germination:
In cool climates, watermelon seeds should be started indoors, but no sooner than a month before transplanting; plant three seeds per peat pot, 1/4" deep. Provide heat to keep the soil at least 80-85 degrees F. Cut off all but the strongest seedling as soon as true leaves appear, and transplant about a week after frost; put two or three plants in each hill with a 6-8' space in all directions. Gardeners in warm climates will be able to direct sow watermelons as soon as the soil temperature reaches at least 75 degrees F, planting six seeds per hill with 6-8' of space in all directions. Thin to the strongest two or three plants as soon as the seedlings appear. Watermelons should be planted in full sun and rich, loose soil. Young seedlings may benefit from black plastic to warm up the soil