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McKana's Giant Columbine Mix Seeds bin307

McKana's Giant Columbine Mix Seeds - aquilegia
McKana's Giant Columbine Mix Seeds grow grow a stunning rainbow of blooms in brilliant shades of red, white, yellow and purple.
Our McKana Giant Columbine Seed Mix will liven up any garden, meadow or flowerbed; plus, they make an exquisite bouquet! McKana's Giant Columbines stand over 2 ft high and produce buttercup shaped flowers, with delicate spurs, that are 3 to 4 inches across. Experienced gardeners chose McKana Giants!
Columbine will germinate best if subjected to moist cold stratification, sown in seed trays or pots and chilled (refrigerated) at 40 degrees F for 3 to 4 weeks. Then cover the seeds lightly with seed starting formula, keeping the soil moist at 65-70 degrees F. Seedlings emerge in 22-30 days