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Mary Washington Asparagus Seeds C172 SEEDS MAY BE TREATED

Mary Washington Asparagus Seeds - Heirloom
This Asparagus variety (Mary Washington) is an extremely popular and old heirloom variety. Grow heirloom Asparagus in any backyard. It's not hard to grow, it just takes a couple years for the root system to fully develop before you can pick the green shoots. There's nothing better than home grown and hand picked Asparagus.
The delicious spears are tender, thick, heavy and straight and are of a rich dark green colour with a purple tinge. Produces uniform spears and a heavy yield. It is fast growing, extremely hardy and rust proof, in addition the graceful, feathery green foliage remains attractive long after harvest.
Sow indoors in Late Winter to Spring 
Soak the seeds in water overnight. Sow seeds singly into modules at a depth of 1.25cm (½in).
They will germinate in 2 to 8 weeks depending on soil temperature. The optimum germination temperature is 20 to 28°C (60 to 85°F). After 12 to 14 weeks, they will be ready to be transplanted outdoors, do this no earlier than four weeks after the last spring frosts.