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Lime Basil Herb Seeds - Garden or Microgreens bin97C

Lime Basil Herb Seeds
Lime Basil seeds are easy to grow and produce a compact dome shaped plant that looks very stylish growing in terracotta pots. It has small to medium sized mid-green leaves that have a lovely fresh aroma of limes

Basil Lime Herb Seeds take around 2 months from sowing to cropping to full size plants and to ensure further cropping keep picking leaves regularly to encourage fresh new young growth with this productive cut & come' again variety.
Lime Basil seedlings can also be picked early when 3-4 weeks old and used as flavoursome, pungent micro-leaves or left to grow a little larger for baby leaf production. However once the small growing tip is pinched out these baby seedlings will not re-grow but a good idea if you have some unused seed.
Lime Basil is a versatile little herb adding flavour to both savoury and sweet dishes and is great added to drinks like g&t. It also makes a refreshing herbal tea and gives a citrus flavour to leafy salads and fruit salads.
Lime Basil is great to add to Oriental stir-fries especially Thai types and can be used as a substitute for lemongrass or kaffir limes. Lime Basil adds zest to fish or chicken dishes too! Lime Basil is an herb well worth growing for its versatility in the kitchen, flavour and lovely aroma.