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Lemon Cucumber Seeds bin31C

Lemon cucumber is excellent fresh, in salads, or pickled. Unique!
Once a mainstay of 19th century gardens, lemon cucumbers are now making a comeback due to their their sweet, mild taste and attractive appearance.
 The 2- to 3-inch-long fruit possess a roughly round shape with solid yellow skin covered in small prickles, but the skin is nonetheless tasty and lacks bitterness unlike most other strains of cucumber. Like most cucumbers, lemon cucumbers grow readily from seed and will produce a large volume of fruit 65 days after planting if they are provided with adequate water and some shelter from direct sunlight in hot areas.
You can start lemon cucumber seedlings inside 2 to 4 weeks before the last frost, or start them directly in the soil once the threat of frost passes. Winter sowing -- the process of starting seeds outdoors during the colder months in milk jugs, which act like mini-greenhouses -- is another way to start seedlings for gardeners limited on inside space, or those who want larger plants to transplant. Use good quality soil for seed starts, or soil mixed with compost if you will plant the seeds directly into the ground at a depth of 1/2" or just a smidge deeper. Place seed trays or milk jugs in a sunny spot for germination; seeds directly planted should be in full sun, as well. Wet the soil prior to planting; it should be saturated but not swimming in water. Gently push seeds into the soil and cover with a small amount of dirt.