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Lavender Vera English Seeds B100

Beautiful and Fragrant Lavender Vera Seeds!
38% Germ
Lavender Vera is also known as English Lavender and is thought to be the original. There are many varieties of lavender now with various scents and growing habits. Some lavenders are used medicinally and others in perfumes, air fresheners, soaps and decorations. Depending on the species, you can grow lavender plants in gardening zones 5 through 10, Lavender Vera being in the cold hardy range. 
Germination: Refrigerate the seeds for 4-6 weeks before planting. Sow the seeds in soil that is between 72 and 78 degrees, 1/8 of an inch deep or barely covered, in a bright or sunny spot, keep moist until germination, which will take place 14-21 days after sowing. As soon as the first seedlings emerge, move to dappled shade, not full shade, and avoid direct sunlight. This slow growing starter will reach a suitable size for transplanting in about 6 months; transplanting can take place either in late spring or fall. Once established, lavender plants prefer full sun and soil that drains well, even rocky or sandy soil. Plant them 2-3ft apart in rows 2-3ft apart to allow enough space for growth.