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Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean Seeds C10

Kentucky Wonder seeds - These great tasting heirloom pole-style  green beans are a space-saver in a garden. 

Because they grow upward, they take one-half the space it takes to grow bush beans, and they produce more beans than bush beans over a longer season. "Kentucky Wonder" is an heirloom pole bean variety that produces 8-inch long pods on 6- to 8-foot long vines. It is resistant to bean rust, which can lead to reddish-orange spots and pustules on leaves and pods, and its beans are ready to be picked starting 65 days after sowing, about 10 days earlier than many pole bean varieties.
Sow "Kentucky Wonder" seeds outdoors when the air temperature is consistently warm, the soil temperature is 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit and the soil is dry enough to work.
Plant seeds 1 inch deep. Seeds need 30" between rows and 6 to 12 inch spacing.