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Kentucky Bluegrass Seeds - "Midnight" - BinC29

Probably the most outstanding feature of Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass is its unusually dark blue-green color, making it the darkest bluegrass available. Its high tiller density provides a thick carpet that will stand up to the abuses of high traffic, usually associated with parks and athletic fields. Sod producers and homeowners enjoy Midnight's dwarf growth characteristics, which result in fewer mowings and reduced maintenance costs. In recent university trials, this cultivar has shown good resistance to Leaf Spot, Stem Rust, Stripe Smut, and Dollar Spot, as well as demonstrating good heat and drought tolerance.

This product is highly recommended for golf courses (fairways, tees and roughs), sod farms, athletic fields, parks, and home lawns.


• A Very Dark Blue-Green Color
• Dwarf Growth Habit
• Strong Overall Disease Resistance
• Very High Tiller Density
• High Drought Tolerance
• Good Tolerance to Close Mowing

Climate Zone(s)
Cool Season
Transition Zone
1/4 in.
250 lbs. / 16-04-08 slow release
Ideal pH
5.5 - 7.5
Seeding Rate
3 lbs. / 1,000 sq. ft. - 100 lbs. / acre
Soil Type
When to Plant
Spring - Summer