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Jalapeno Pepper Seeds


Even people that are relatively unfamiliar with hot peppers are aware of this incredibly popular pepper with relatively mild mannered 3000 shu heat. This is the staple heirloom pepper for tex mex cooking.

How to Grow Jalapeno Peppers

1. Jalapeno seed germination takes 10-14 days.

2. Days to harvest are typically 80-100 days for seeds. Transplants take generally 60-80 days.

3. Spacing between rows should be 20-36 inches.

4. Leave a space between plants of one to two feet.

5. Plant seeds at a depth of 1/4 inch.

        Jalapeno seeds germinate slowly during cool months. 

        Start seeds six to eight weeks before transplants are needed in the garden bed. 

        Growing jalapeno peppers is best in sandy soil enriched with organic matter. 

        Fertilize every few weeks during the early growth stages and every month thereafter. 

        If pepper plants produce leaves but little fruit, try a low-nitrogen fertilizer.

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