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Imperialis Mix Sweet Sultan Seeds bin234

The Bachelor Button Sweet Sultan Imperialis Seeds

The Bachelor Button Sweet Sultan Imperialis, 'Centaurea (Amberboa) moschata', is a deliciously fragrant and an absolutely splendid cut flower. If you like cut flowers, you must grow Sweet Sultan. The easy to grow and very fragrant 'Imperialis' is a somewhat taller and improved variety. The 2 inch flower heads are thistle-looking and almost shine. Flower colors are shades of white, pink, purple, lavender, rose, red, yellow, and burgundy. Sweet Sultan blooms summer into early fall, mostly during the heat.

Sweet Sultans prefer a full sun location. They prefer average soils with moderate fertility and are tolerant to drought. Plant the Bachelor Buttons in the spring 1 to 2 weeks before the last frost. The Sweet Sultan is an excellent cut flower and grows well in that "hot" spot where nothing else does well.


General Seed Germination Wisdom 
As a common gardening rule, do not plant seeds any seed deeper than twice their diameter. Too many websites quote the standard 1/4" deep planting depth, but a more precise approach can yield very different germination results. This general knowledge will enable you to plant seeds without needing to look up germination methods for every variety of seed in stock.


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