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Illinois Bundleflower Seeds bin257

Illinois bundleflower (Desmanthus illinoensis)


Plants are smooth and bushy and produce small, round flower clusters. Each flower has fine, long stamens that provide a fuzzy appearance. Leaves and seeds are a source of protein for wildlife and livestock.



Grow in full sun in moist or dry soil. Shade will cause the foliage to become lax.


to 4 feet


June to August

Distinguishing Characteristics

Numerous, tiny paired leaflets appearing fern-like


Often found on roadsides, disturbed prairies, old fields and other grassland habitats. Does well in a variety of soil types and provides good forage for livestock. It is easy to establish from seed and is common in native wildflower mixes. It has a tendency to dominate in seeded areas, so use seed sparingly. The dark seed heads are showy in fall and winter, contrasting with light tan grass leaves.


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