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Ice Plant Mix Seeds - aka Iceplant or Livingstone Daisy #242

Ice Plant Mix Seeds - Livingstone Daisy - Dorotheanthus Bellidiformis Mix


These tiny seeds, which will look like dust in the packet, will produce stunning daisy-like redpurple, orange, yellow, pink, and  white flowers on a succulent plant.


Please note that these are tiny seeds, and will look like dust in the baggie.



Seed coverage: 55 seeds per square foot.


Ice plant, or Livingstone daisies have traditionally been grouped under the namemesembryanthemum, but are now widely dispersed under other names. Frost-tender succulents, they thrive in sunny, dry conditions and locations. Livingstone daisies bloom for weeks in the spring and summer.

Description of Livingstone daisy: Livingstone daisies have flat, succulent leaves up to 3 inches long, with the plants hugging the ground. Flowers have dark centers and are colored pink, white, purple, lavender, crimson, or orange. Plants grow up to 8 inches high and spread to 12 inches wide. The flowers close at night and on cloudy days.

Growing Livingstone daisy: Livingstone daisies need full sun and sandy, well-drained soil. They tolerate drought and are resistant to salt spray, making them good for seaside plantings. Livingstone daisies tend to sunburn in hot, humid weather. Space plants 6 inches apart for full coverage.

To start seeds in late fall, press them  into the surface of the soil as they need light to germinate. For spring planting, mix the seeds with moist sand and store in the refrigerator for 30-60 days before planting; keep the soil moist until germination, which usually takes place within 14-21 days. This seed can also be started indoors 6-8 weeks before planting in the spring; transplant the seedlings outdoors after the last chance of frost.