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Homestead Tomato Seeds C220

Homestead Tomato Seeds, a classic! The 'Homestead' is a semi-determinate plant which means it is between a determinate variety that sets all its fruit at once and dies and an indeterminate variety.

 Indeterminate varieties continue to grow and set fruit until the frost comes and kills them off. This plant produces a lot of 6-8 oz fruit and grows to about 6 feet. The plants can produce a lot of tomatoes (40-60) over the season per plant.  It is a semi-determinate variety that will produce steadily over the season and it tops out around 5-6 feet tall. It just doesn't get out of control like some indeterminate tomatoes do.

6-8 weeks before last frost:

  1. Fill 4" pots with potting mix to within a 1/2-inch of the top and place a pair of seeds on top of the soil in each one near the center of the pot (having two is good insurance in case one doesn’t sprout. Pinch off the smaller, weaker of the two if they both sprout).
  2. Cover them with a ¼-inch layer of soil mix and the compress the soil with your fingers. Good seed-to-soil contact is important for germination.
  3. Sprinkle water on the seeds whenever the top of the soil mix appears dry. Don’t keep the soil soggy, however — the seeds may rot.