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Grande Rio Verde Tomatillo Seeds B269

Tomatillo Grande Rio Verde seeds
This heirloom is one of the largest Tomatillo varieties you can grow! Easy to grow!
Perfect for market growers.

Grande Rio:

70-90 days. Physalis ixocarpa. Plant produces heavy yields of 3 oz green tomatillos. Mexican husk tomato for salsa verde. Tomatillos are fully ripe when it falls from plant. Very popular in the Southwest United States for making salsas when combined with fresh, hot peppers. Great for home garden and market growers. 

 Germination Info Tomatillo seeds are usually fairly easy to germinate, though germination time can be a bit longer than other vegetable seeds. 1) Prepare for planting. Tomatillo seeds should be sprouted in small containers, preferably 4" or smaller. In-ground germination is not recommended because conditions are not as easily controlled. Use a standard potting mix that is well drained. Make sure potting mix is damp prior to planting the seeds. With very small seeds such as Tomatillo, watering overly dry soil can cause the seeds to dislodge from their position and sink deep into cracks in the soil. Seeds that sink deeply into soil will not be able to reach the soil surface once germinated.

2) Plant seeds. Plant seeds 1/4" deep in the soil. Cover with soil and water carefully. Over watering can cause fungal growth which leads to seed rot. Excess water can also bury seeds deep in the soil where they will not be able break the surface. Water when the soil surface just begins to dry. Multiple seeds can be planted in a single starter container, but should be thinned once seedlings appear so only a single plant remains.

3) Germination. Soil should be kept consistently warm, from 70-85F. Cool soils, below about 60-65F, even just at night, will significantly delay or inhibit germination. Hot soils above 95F will also inhibit germination. 

Germination time: 2-6 weeks under ideal conditions.