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German Chamomile Seeds bin173

German Chamomile Seeds 
Millions of seeds per pound, so chamomile seeds look like powder, but these bitty seeds grow up to have stunning flowers for tea or potpourri!   With small, daisylike flowers, is used to make chamomile tea and posesses a number of medicinal qualities. Chamomile grows in the form of small shrub that usually reaches 8 to 12 inches in height. German chamomile grows to the height of 3 feet.
Chamomile has green, feathery leaves that are alternately arranged on the stem.
Flower consists of large number of individual flowers called florets. Outer part of the flower consists of 18 white ray florets. Yellow disk, located in the center of the flower, consists of miniature florets that have tubular shape.
Chamomile blooms from June to July.

GERMINATION: Germinates at temperatures between 60-75°F. Seeds need light to germinate, so either barely cover seeds with fine grit, or, if planting a smaller batch of seeds, gently tamp into the surface of the soil. Water frequently in well draining soil until seedling emerge. Seeds can be sown at any time during the growing season.