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Georgia Southern Collard Seeds C29

Georgia Southern Collard Seeds
Very cold tolerant. In the deep south, collards can be planted in fall as well as spring.
These collards have a uniform, compact growth habit, with non-heading and slow-bolting plants. Their mild cabbage flavor makes these ideal for boiling, and they're good for canning and freezing as well. The large blue-green leaves are ready in 75 days, and are also frost-resistant
Collards are easily started directly in the garden once the danger of frost has passed and the soil has warmed and been prepped with ample amounts of compost. Plant four or five seeds in one spot that you could cover with a silver dollar for each individual plant that you wish to grow. Plant them about 1/4" deep and pat the soil down gently. When the plants germinate, thin to one plant in each spot.
Care is minimal. Keep the plants weeded and when the weather warms mulch well with sifted compost. Fertilizer is not required except in the poorest of soils, the plants do not require staking or trellising. Keep them well and consistently watered. 
Take the large leaves from the bottom of the plant first and the plants will continue to produce.