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Garlic Chive Herb Seeds - Garden or Microgreens C2

Garlic Chives Seeds

Garlic chives may be of the same vernacular as common chives, but appearance and flavor-wise they impose different values and characteristics. Garlic chives have flat strap-like stems versus hallow thin spherical stems and their flavor is richer and more intense, much like their aroma. 

Planting and spacing. Grow chives from seed or divisions–small bulbs separated from clumps. Sow seed ¼ to ½ inch deep. Seedlings can grow close together to form clumps. Space clumps or rows 8 to 12 inches apart; they will fill in over time. To plant divisions, use a spade or shovel to divide clumps of plants, trim back leaves to 1 inch above the ground and replant the divisions covering the bulblets with soil.

Nutritional Value Garlic chives are rich in vitamin C, contain carotene, vitamin B1 and B2, calcium and iron. 

Applications Garlic chives are most often used in Asian cuisine. Traditionally they are a classic element of pad Thai but they may also be used as a substitute for standard chives. Use minced garlic chives to finish meat, poultry or seafood dishes. Pair with other fresh herbs, cheeses, mushrooms, noodles and chiles. The color and slight onion flavor or chives may be used to lighten as well as enhance the flavors in a dish. Refrigerate to store, making sure chives are kept dry until ready to use.